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Race: Predator

The Yautja race, commonly known as Predators due to their extremely merciless habit of hunting other sentients, are an intelligent, humanoid life form. Their militaristic society and mindset have allowed the yautja to perfect the art of battle, in both melee and ranged combat. Because of the rigorous lifestyle of this race, only the fittest survive their beginning years. Consequently, they tend to be physically superior to many other races. While powerful, fast and physically dominating, Yautja tend to have a rather arrogant mindset towards other sentient races, often referring to them as"meat". Hence, they can often be surprised by races they see as inferior or merely prey. This tends to give a lower than average perception rating. Also, Yautja society is static - it is said to have peaked many millennia ago. Due to a lack of intellectual basis in a young yautjas learning years, a yautja is usually centered on the hunt, and his/her intelligence is notably lower than other sentient races.

Their hardiness is, bar none, incredible, hence they have extremely high stamina. In both strength and agility, they are well versed, since in their society, there is little choice but to be. The Yautjas have developed a technology that is unknown to any other race, which allows them to become invisible at will, allowing them to sneak up on their prey.

Yautja hunt in small packs, or alone - depending on the prey. They live for the hunt, and therefore only hunt other species they deem worthwhile - a requirement being that the opponent be able to fight back. To kill something that cannot defend itself is dishonorable.

A Yautja's low intelligence hinders their ability to learn, so that they focus on a wide variety of combat skills and ignore the more complex technical and medical skills.


  Marine Abilities