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Solo Missions

Russian Roulette (not automission)

Russian roulette in AvPMUD is similar to its real world counterpart, except much less messy and deadly. 
Players take turns placing a revolver with one bullet in it to their heads
and pulling the trigger, then passing the revolver to the next player. 
In AvP Russian Roulette all the player needs to do is FIRE and GIVE the revolver to the next person in line. A player may fire as many times as they choose.  The mission op will determine the order and spin the chamber after someone dies.

Prizes are awarded to 1st and 2nd place.

Russian Roulette (automission)

To play in this when it is advertised on Mission chat, type 'tell automission me' (without ' ), and you will be transferred to the mission room. All you have to do is type Fire as many times as you want when it is your turn, and then endturn if you are still alive to pass the gun to the next player. After each person is killed, another round is added to the gun, and play continues until only one person remains..

Prizes are awarded to 1st and 2nd place.

Four Corners

Four corners is a game which can be played with 2 or more players. The starting room for Four Corners also lists instructions for the players.

The objective of this mission is for the players to get in to one of the four corners and not blow up.
A corner number between 1 and 4 will be called at random and if they happen to be in that corner number, they will be killed..
This will run multiple times until there is only one person left standing.
After a corner is selected, the people in that corner will die, and all players in the other 3 corners will automatically be transported back to the corner picking room. The last person alive will be declared the winner.


This game, as it's name implies, is like battleship. The Mission Op will have teams made or everyone can be solo. The amount of teams is up to the mission op, but each team should have the same amount of players.
The arena for this game is a 6 by 6 grid Rows labeled from A-F and columns labeled from 1-6. An example would be A1, in the first row of the first column.
Each player will be placed in their own separate room. When everybody is set, the mission op will load everybody in the arena a bomb. At that time, they may bomb other rooms in the arena typing Bomb (location), ie: Bomb A3 or Bomb F4. If someone bombs a room with a player there, that player dies. After 20 seconds the bomb will disappear if the player does not choose a room to bomb. When all bombs are used, new ones will load automatically.
After a person or team wins everyone gets transferred and rewards are given out.

High Card

There will be a deck of cards and players will be given a choice of which card to pick in the deck.
To choose a card: type Pick # (Where # is a number from 1-52).
The person with the lowest card is slain, and the deck is shuffled for the players to pick again.
This continues until only one player remains.

The Cards Rank as Follows: (lowest to highest)
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A

The order of the suits from lowest to highest is:
Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts, Spades

For Ranking Purposes: Card Numbers come before Suits.

Prizes are determined by the Mission Op.

Space Wars

This mission is based off of Enders Game.

To move, pick a direction, you will continue moving that
direction until there is not another exit in that direction.  If
someone shoots at you and hits you in the arms, you will no longer
be able to shoot. If you are hit in the legs, you will not be able
to move. If you are hit in the body, you will die.

To fire, simply type Fire <PERSON> - Lets one person shoot someone else.

NO Hiding, NO invis, NO cover.

If you are hit in the legs, you will not be able to move. (Goes away after 12 seconds)
If you are hit in the arms, you will not be able to shoot. (Goes away after 7 seconds)
If you are hit in the body, you will die.

Red Light, Green Light

Like the game we used to play when we were kids, players are allowed to move when the light is green. 
When it is red, they must stand still. If they move when it is red, they will die and be sent to the starting line.
There are also checkpoints throughout the maze in which players will be sent to (if reached by the player) in the event of dying. 

The first player to reach the end wins.

Musical Chairs

Musical chairs is just like the game played as kids.
The mission op will  load the chairs up, and when they shout go, players run around and sit chair whenever they find one,
whoever is left out without a chair will be taken out of the mission.
Play continues until only one player remains.

Bomb Squad

The objective is to disarm the nuclear bomb placed randomly in the zone. The mission op will arm the bomb for however long they choose, then have the players search for the bomb.
Once the bomb is found, the players must either type cut red or cut blue to disarm the bomb, depending on what they type and their timing will be the outcome of the mission.....


The objective is for a player to cross the minefield.
Pushing, dragging and fleeing are allowed.
If a player goes in the wrong direction, they blow up and must start over.
Rewards go to the first person who gets through the minefield.

Hot Potato

All players are transported to a room with no exits and the Mission op loads up a Red Hot Potato, then gives it to a player. Then they give the potato to someone else, and so on.
The potato will explode in a random amount of time, killing the person holding it, then the Mission Op will load another potato, give it to a player, who gives it to someone, and play continues in this manner until only one player remains.

Torture Chamber

The Mission Op will have all the participating players follow him and will be grouped. Then a practice dummy will be loaded and one player at a time uses torture methods listed in the room description.
The player to put the dummy at the lowest amount of Hit Points, without killing it, wins

To Torture:
torture brand -- Sear them with the poker
torture rack -- Stretch em tight
torture spike -- impale their palm
torture scourge -- flog em
torture maiden -- Iron Maiden
torture thumbscrew -- Thumbs down

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