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Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch Missions

Free For All Deathmatch:  (FFA)

    In a Free-For-All, the object is to be the last man standing.
This mission may be run in various locations around the mud.


Team Deathmatch: (TDM)

    In TDM, two captians split the participants  into two teams, and are let loose in an arena.
The object is to eliminate the opposing team,The team that does this wins.  


Bloodbath is a variation on FFA, where when you die, you respawn in a safe room adjacent to the arena, to kill and die agian, over and over.
This mission runs until the time limit set by the Mission Op.


Capture the Flag: (CTF)

    Capture the Flag consists of 2 teams, red and blue, 2 bases, red and blue, and 1 objective. The objective of this mission is for one team to get into the other teams base, get their flag, and bring it back to their flag sitting at their pedestal and type touch, to score a point, the firstteam to score three points wins the match.

Modified Team Deathmatch Missions
Prizes for all:
1st Place: 2 Prize box - 2nd Place 1 Prize box

Jail Break:

     The basic concept is, when a player is killed they are sent to 'jail'. Their team members who are still alive have a chance to free them from jail at anytime, in other words bring them back to life.
The mission op will have two captains pick teams. After the teams have been selected, each team captain is given a jail and allowed to drop the jail in a room of their choice in the chosen arena. 
Players may only free their own team at the enemy's jail. This is done by typing 'free' at the enemy's jail.

In and Out:

Rules: No nukes or sentry guns.

Like in TDM there are two teams trying to kill each other off.
In this mission, when a player is killed their name is added to their killer's 'victim' list. When a player dies, those on their victim list will come back to life. 


Find the other teams base and destroy the gate. Once the gate is destroyed go in and destroy the core.
Allowed Team Colors: Red and Green 



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