Player Map
Clan List:
Accurate as of 10/01/07

# Clan {Leader}
1. 2nd Marine Assault Unit {Istadio }
2. 187th Assault Squadron { Rajaat }
3. U'sl-kwe { Knight }
4. 51st Marine Squad { Devon }
5. Charon Horde { Qurgh }
6. Tierra Genesis Hive { Blade }
8. Setg'-in Mesh'in'ga { Asean }
10. Nahele Omega Swarm { Vahn }
100. Weyland-Yutani { Fearitself }

Basic Clan Information:

As a clan member, it is your moral obligation to smash, destroy, and
otherwise exterminate opposing clans with extreme prejudice in your own clan's bid for universal MUD dominance. Show no mercy, take no prisoners, and for the love of God, don't squeeze the Charmin.

Your goals are simple: take control of the outpost (recall outpost) and keep it as long as possible. You earn CP by doing so, and will be able to be used in the future for various exclusive rewards.

Present/Past Clan Bios:

International Presidential Consulting Agency (I.P.C.A)

(A) The goal of the International Presidential Consulting Agency is to investigate terrorist organizations and activities that threaten national and world security and to provide information and counsel to the President in a timely manner. Our agency operates solely under the direct supervision of the President, and does not answer to any other federal or national investigative branch. Officers in the IPCA do, however, have top intelligence levels and have access to sensitive materials gathered by other arms of the federal government. IPCA officers are authorized to use extreme and lethal force in the execution of their duties under the direction of the Commander in Chief: JPC
Section 1:
(A) The Standard Agency Field Equipment
Each Agent is issued the following standard equipment for all field and combat missions unless contraindicated:

(1) Equipment
Personal Data Assistant Flashlight (wrist mounted)
(2) Uniform
Only the standard issue IPCA uniform in all its entirety amd without modifications, is acceptable for IPCA Agents.
(3) Weapons
Combat knife, taser, UMP 40, Mark 24, SG-36,
(4) Communications gear
Personal Communication Device (PCD)
Section 1:
(A) Policies
A Discrete Personnel Elimination (DPE) Order provides a field Agent or Officer with the necessary authorization for use of lethal force in the elimination of designated targets.
Performing an assassination without prior authorization is against IPCA Policy.
Section II:
(A) Procedures
Once determination has been made as to a designated target, the field Agent obtains a DPE from IPCA command. Each DPE must contain the Date the Order was assigned, the name of the target, and at least three means of verifying the target's identity to insure against accidental collateral damage.
Section III:
(A) Authorizations
All DPE orders must be signed by a minimum of two IPCA officers with Field Operations level rank or higher: Deputy Chief of Operations
Chief of Operations
Commander in Chief

Section 1:
(A) Rank structure can be broken down into four commission sets: Recruit Level, Officer Level, Commander Level, and Top Brass Level.
Recruit. Field Agent
Investigative Agent
Intelligence Agent
Officer. Field Officer
Investigative Officer
Intelligence Officer
Field Research Specialist
Investigative Research Specialist
Intelligence Research Specialist
Field Analyst Specialist
Investigative Analyst Specialist
Intelligence Analyst Specialist

Commander. Field Supervisor
Investigative Supervisor
Intelligence Supervisor
Field Operations Commander
Investigative Operations Commander
Intelligence Operations Commander
Assistant Chief of Operations
Deputy Chief of Operations
Chief of Operations
Commander in Chief

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