Player Map

Marine Abilities: Gadgets

[Tier ][Gadget/Engineering      ][Rank            ]
[    1][Egg Clamp               ][Field Technician]
[    1][Synth Detection Protocol][Field Technician]
[    1][Proximity Mines         ][Field Technician]
[    1][Flash Flare             ][Field Technician]
[    2][Sentry Guns             ][Demolitionist   ]
[    2][SOPS Locator            ][Demolitionist   ]
[    2][Synth Dexterity Protocol][Demolitionist   ]
[    2][Basic Demolitions       ][Demolitionist   ]
[    3][Radio: Supply Drop      ][Engineer        ]
[    3][Synth Celerity Protocol ][Engineer        ]
[    3][Advanced Demolitions    ][Engineer        ]
[    3][Nuclear Failsafe Mine   ][Engineer        ]

Tier 1: Field Technician

Egg Clamps: Allows use of a three-pronged egg clamp.
Passive Ability.

Synthetic Detection Protocol: Synthetics with a heavily optimized synthetic cranium can use the Detection protocol, which adds 20 to their Perception stat.
Syntax: activate Detection

Proximity Mines: Allows a Marine to install, set, and defuse M-388 anti-personnel motion proximity mines
Passive Ability.

Flash Flares: Allows a Marine use of a G15 high-intensity flash flare
Passive Ability.

Tier 2: Demolitionist

Sentry Guns: Allows a Marine to install an armored UA 571-C remote sentry gun case. It also allows them to position what direction the guns are firing at and their range. Raze and blaze does not destroy sentry guns.
Passive Ability.

SOPS Unit - Location: You can use the SOPS unit to locate other player's positions. Locate by itself will display the locations of your grouped teammates, while locate with an argument will attempt to find the location of a specific player.
Syntax: locate <target>
Syntax: locate

Synthetic Dexterity Protocol: Synthetics with a heavily optimized synthetic cranium can use the Dexterity protocol, which adds 20 to their Coordination stat.
Syntax: activate Dexterity

Basic Demolitions Crafting: Marines can craft basic grenades, bombs, or other low-tech explosives.
Passive Ability.

Tier 3: Engineer

SOPS: Supply Drop: Using the SOPS unit, a Marine can call in a supply drop or a combat buggy. Note that the CMC can only send a supply ship to the Marines once every 30 minutes.
Syntax: call <supplydrop>
Syntax: call <buggy>

Synthetic Celerity Protocol: Synthetics with a heavily optimized synthetic cranium can use the Celerity protocol, which adds 20 to their Agility stat.
Syntax: activate Celerity

Advanced Demolitions Crafting: With the proper reagents, Marines can craft high explosives and other complex bombs.
Passive Ability.

Nuclear Failsafe Mine: This mine, capped with a plutonium charge, is capable of immense devastation. When planted, a countdown timer can be activated by an engineer. When the timer has been activated, the mine will explode when zero seconds are left
n the clock. Nuclear failsafe mines are typically used as a 'Plan B' during hive assaults. If the combat team fails to accomplish its mission, then a nuclear failsafe mine is installed and set to detonate. The hive is wiped off the map - no evidence rema
ns to indicate that anything lived within several miles of the blast site. There is one drawback, however: due to the mine's high cost, the CMC does not keep a very large stockpile of them. Raze and blaze do not destroy nuclear failsafe mines.
Passive Ability.