Player Map

Marine Abilities: Combat & Tactics

[Tier ][Tactic                  ][Rank          ]
[    1][Heavy Armor             ][Soldier       ]
[    1][Pack Rat                ][Soldier       ]
[    1][Infiltrate              ][Soldier       ]
[    2][CQ Pistol Maneuver      ][Officer       ]
[    2][AP Ammunition           ][Officer       ]
[    2][Physical Fitness (+15)  ][Officer       ]
[    3][High Velocity Rounds    ][Field Marshall]
[    3][Physical Fitness (+25)  ][Field Marshall]
[    3][Adv. CQC Training (+10%)][Field Marshall]

Tier 1: Soldier

Heavy Armor: Allows use of a heavily plated set of M4 combat armor, custom fit with titanium covers.
Passive Ability.

Pack Rat: Allows one to carry 3 longarm guns (instead of 2). Also slightly boosts the amount of weight you can carry.
Passive Ability.

Infiltrate: Allows a Marine to move while in cover.  Because it costs movement points per use, it can sap MV very quickly, often leaving careless Marines drained of stamina. Obviously, you must be in cover to use this ability.
Syntax: infiltrate <direction>

Tier 2: Officer

Close-Quarters Pistol Maneuver: This highly risky maneuver involves a marine rolling onto the ground, pulling out his or her pistol, and firing a burst at an enemy's head. Although he or she has a chance for three headshots, the marine is vulnerable
hile lying prone.
Syntax: CQM <target>.
You must be locked in melee with your target before you can attempt to use this ability.

Armor-Piercing (AP) Ammunition: AP rounds halve the armor effectiveness of a target. It is most useful against heavily armored Xenomorphs or against hostile soldiers.
You must buy AP rounds at the MEQ ammo dealer.

Physical Fitness: Constant training has paid off. You are considerably tougher than the average soldier. The first rank adds 15 to your total MV.
Passive Ability.

Tier 3: Field Marshall

High Velocity (HV) Rounds: High velocity bullets are inherently more accurate due to their design.
You must buy HV rounds at the MEQ ammo dealer.

Physical Fitness: Constant training has paid off. Your incredible endurance and toughness adds 25 to your total MV. This stacks with the +15 MV gained from the first rank.
Passive Ability.

Advanced Close Quarters Combat Training: Through experience and training, you have become a master of close-quarters tactics.
Fleeing works 10% more often.